PC Gamerz Limited Warranty

As of 3/17/22

Warranty Coverage

“PCG Enterprises LLC” hereinafter referred to as our dba “PC Gamerz Hawaii”, offers a Limited Warranty that covers two years parts and labor on all of our “Custom Built” and “Pre-Built” (aka Game-Ready) complete PC systems.

PC Gamerz Hawaii limited warranty applies ONLY to the original purchaser of “Custom Built” and “Pre-Built” (aka Game-Ready) complete PC systems and its components for defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two calendar years from the date of purchase.

This limited warranty does not apply to individual parts sold at our physical retail location or our Online Store. Please refer to the manufacturers website for warranty support on these items.

Repair of Your Product

During this two year period, PC Gamerz Hawaii will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts, at PC Gamerz Hawaii’s discretion, without charge. All original parts replaced by PC Gamerz Hawaii become sole-property of PC Gamerz Hawaii without exception . If equal replacement parts are not currently available PC Gamerz Hawaii will supply a temporary loaner part until replacement is available.

PC Gamerz Hawaii provides tech support for the original product and software installed by us for the “lifetime of the product” which is defined as 5 years from the date of purchase. “Tech Support” is defined as providing general guidance and answering technical questions about the system but does not include additional warranty support or labor beyond the initial two year limited warranty period.

Except as mentioned herein, PC Gamerz Hawaii is not liable for any loss, expense, inconvenience, or damage as a result of use or inability to use the device or any connected devices. If PC Gamerz Hawaii repairs or replaces a product, the warranty term is not extended.

Under no circumstances is PC Gamerz Hawaii liable for any cost exceeding the original cost of the product at time of purchase.

Warranty Conditions

An original receipt or proof of purchase is required.

The product’s unique serial identifier must not be tampered with or removed.

Purchaser is responsible for the payment, at current rates, for any service or repair outside the scope of this limited warranty.

This warranty covers only normal use of the products. It does not cover damage as a result misuse, abuse, or accidental damage to the machine including but not-limited-to manual over-clocking, crypto mining, improper hardware installation or modification, 3rd party software applications, illegal on-line activity, or general neglect. “Accidental Damage” includes but is not-limited-to exposure to liquids, fire, natural disasters and/or power irregularities like power spikes, surges, lightning strikes, brown outs or improper wattage or voltage.

No warranty will be extended for replacement parts

In the event that your computer is returned to PC Gamerz Hawaii for a warranty repair and no defect is found, you will be responsible for return shipping and/or current labor charges.

Software Warranty

This warranty is limited to covering only issues related to the original software installed by PC Gamerz Hawaii, including the original Operating System (OS), and any applications required to manage or use included system hardware.

This warranty does not cover troubleshooting or repair of user installed software (applications or games) or problems caused as a result of end-user attempting to downgrade, modify or reinstall the original operating system.

PC Gamerz Hawaii can provide optional assistance with software issues outside of the scope of this warranty for a nominal fee and an estimate will be provided upon request.

To Request Warranty

You must call within the applicable warranty period. Should your warranty be approved and verified, Company will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which is valid for fifteen (15) days. Product that is not defective will be returned to the sender with C.O.D. freight charges collect. You must ship the product shipping charges prepaid, and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment. Company will ship the repaired or replacement product(s) to you freight prepaid if you use an address in the U.S. Shipments to other locations will be made freight collect. For all shipments outside the domestic United States all import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the producer price or shipping and handling cost and it will be collected upon delivery from the carriers ro certain packages. These charges are the recipient’s responsibility.

Shipping the Product

Ship the Product(s) back to Company in their original or equivalent packaging. Clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of the carton. NOTE: You are responsible for your software and data. Company is not required to advise or remind you of appropriate backup and other procedures. Company is not responsible for any lost data or software in your Product.

PC Gamerz Hawaii will not cover the cost of shipping (if required) components or complete system to us and the end-user is responsible for any applicable shipping costs to and from our facility for repair or warranty service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding to this limited warranty, please email to us at [email protected]