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How do I control the RGB effects of my PCGz Build?2021-12-22T18:42:38-10:00

RGB control software varies depending on the components used in your build.

For ASUS Motherboards and GPUs, you would use Armoury Crate.
For Corsair components, you would use iCUE.
For Lian-li devices you would use L Connect,
For EVGA GPUs, use Precision X1.
and for NZXT devices you would use NZXT CAM.

RGB software can be complicated so feel free to submit a ticket below or e-mail us at [email protected] if you need further assistance.

For advanced users looking to tinker with custom RGB effects and synchronize a variety of devices, check out SignalRGB – however we do not provide support for this software at this time and users should keep in mind it can cause problems if other RGB software is running simultaneously.

Why are your GPU Prices higher then MSRP?2022-04-19T19:36:12-10:00

Unfortunately we don’t have much control over pricing, since we don’t have volume contracts like Best Buy we cant actually get GPUs at reasonable prices direct from manufactures and instead have to acquire GPUs through various distributors and middle-men, so as our cost increases that unfortunately has to be passed along to the consumer.

A lot of this is a combination of ongoing supply and demand issues combined with general inflation in the economy. We wish we could sell GPUs at or near MSRP but unfortunately vendors have been unwilling or unable to provide parts to us at prices that would make that possible.

We always strive to provide the best price we can.

For a detailed explanation of all the factors involved in GPU pricing and current trends, checkout this excellent video by Hardware Unboxed.

When I press the power button on the PC, nothing turns on. No motherboard lights show2021-12-07T16:55:15-10:00

There are two power switches located on the PC:

1: The hard power switch is located at the back of the power supply where the power cable plugs into. Insure this is in the “ON” or “I” position before clicking the soft power switch

2: The soft power switch is usually located at the top and front most panel of the PC. Insure the hard power switch is turned on before using this button


Why does my graphics card have 1 or more fans that do not spin?2021-12-07T16:08:28-10:00

-The graphics card fans do not run while the card is idle. They will turn on when under use and needs to be cooled down accordingly.

– Some graphics cards will only use 1 or 2 fans until the temperature rises enough to kick on all fans available

Why is my Wifi connection so low, but my other devices have full Wifi bars?2021-12-28T17:15:51-10:00

Custom Gaming PCs do not have internal antenna’s, the external antenna for the motherboard needs to be installed. The antenna is located in your accessories box and screws into the back of the PC where the additional USB ports are located.    For more information, please see our Quick Setup Guide. 

What is the password for the computer?2021-12-28T17:18:48-10:00

PC Gamerz Game Ready and custom builds come only with a local admin account with no password by default.  If you are logging into your Microsoft account and it asks for the password, click enter with nothing as the password to proceed.

Why is my monitor black or blank when I power my PC on for the first time?2021-12-07T15:58:45-10:00

1: Insure that the HDMI or Display cable is plugged into the graphics card, not the motherboard.

2: The display cable needs to be inserted to the graphics card first before powering the PC on.

Need help plugging in your new PC Gamerz Build? see our Quick Setup Guide.

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PC Gamerz Limited Warranty

As of 2/21/23
Warranty Coverage

PCG Enterprises LLC dba PC Gamerz Hawaii provides the following Limited Warranty on all it’s “custom built”, and “pre-built” personal computing (pc) units for a period of 1 (one) full year after initial sale under the following terms and conditions. Any and all “third party” parts and components purchased through our retail store or website will not be covered under this warranty, but under their respective manufacturer’s warranty, if that exists.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser ONLY.

Repair of Your Product

During warranty period PC Gamerz will will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned (at it’s discretion) parts. If exact or equivalent replacement parts are not available for whatever reason, PC Gamerz MAY offer an otherwise workable part on a temporary, or “loaner”, basis until said equivalent replacement parts can be obtained, with notice to the customer.

Any and all original parts replaced by PC Gamerz under this warranty become the sole property of PC Gamerz without exception or limitation.

Repair or replacement of any parts under this warranty will not, and do not, extend this warranty past the 1 year after original purchase period.

This Warranty DOES NOT cover:

Purchaser will be responsible to pay (at “then” current rates) for any service, repair, or replacement of parts not covered under this warranty

    • Damage by virtue of purchaser’s misuse, abuse, or accidental damage, as in excessive over-clocking,

    • Use in crypto mining, improper 3rd party software applications, illegal on-line activity,

    • Improper hardware installation, or modification of any originally installed components,

    • General neglect, as in the case of exposure to liquids, fire, and/or power irregularities like spikes, outages, lightning, improper wattages, etc. It is thus advised that the customer obtain and incorporate a functioning battery backup, so to prevent most (but not all) damage to power supply, motherboard, and/or other components, but that in any case, if evidence of erratic or improper power is identified in repair, the affected components will NOT be qualified for warranty replacement or repair. Further, since corrosion on connectors and/or other parts can ONLY be caused by external factors, it should be understood that these will not be covered as well.

    • Damage caused any actions or circumstances beyond PC Gamerz control, such as lack of maintenance, impacts, car crashes, epidemics, armed insurrection, alien occupation, zombie apocalypse, or AI revolutionary takeover of the world.

Under no circumstances shall PC Gamerz be considered liable for any repair or replacement costs exceeding the original sale amount at time of purchase.

This warranty is limited to covering issues related to the original software installed by PC Gamerz only, including the original Operating System (OS), and any applications required to manage or use included system hardware.

This warranty does not cover troubleshooting or repair of user installed software (applications or games) or problems caused as a result of end-user attempting to downgrade, modify or reinstall the original operating system.

Any attempts to repair by other than authorized PC Gamerz personnel, or to add or modify internal components without authorization will nullify this warranty.

PC Gamerz Hawaii can provide optional assistance with software issues outside the scope of this warranty for a nominal fee and an estimate will be provided upon request.

Warranty Conditions
    • Original receipt or proof of purchase must be presented.

    • Purchased product’s unique serial identifier must be in place and intact.

    • Purchased product may not have been used or abused in unacceptable manners as described above.

    • Warranty applies for the 1 year period from time of original purchase, regardless of parts that may have been replaced at some later time.

    • In the event of a product returned for warranty repair for which no defect can be found, meaning that the product performs as expected with no repairs having been performed, Purchaser will be deemed responsible for all charges and fees related to shipping and diagnostic labor.

To Request Warranty

Warranty requests MUST be made within the 1 year period after original purchase. When request is received, verified, and approved by PC Gamerz, a Return Merchandise Authorization (MRA) will be issued and valid for a period of fifteen (15) days. Product must be shipped to PC Gamerz with charges prepaid, and product insured. PC Gamerz will not cover, or repair under warranty, any damages incurred during, or as a result of, shipping. Products for which no defect can be identified will be returned to Purchaser with shipping charges C.O.D. Once repaired, PC Gamerz will ship the product back to Purchaser with charges prepaid for customers anywhere in the US. For customers outside the US, all import duties, taxes, brokerage fees will be purchaser’s responsibility to pay carrier at time of delivery.

Shipping the Product

Use the original packaging, or a reasonably equivalent substitute to protect the product during shipment; remember, PC Gamerz will not be responsible for any damages incurred during or from the shipping process. Since PCGz is not required to advise or remind you of proper back-up and other data saving procedures, and will NOT be held responsible for any data or software applications that may be lost during the shipping/warranty repair process, make sure that ALL data, files, and applications that you want to retain are adequately backed up before sending for repair. Clearly mark the RMA number provided to you on the outside of your shipping package. Keep any and all shipping receipts and tracking numbers until the entire process is complete.

PC Gamerz Hawaii DOES provide tech support for the original product and software installed by us for the “lifetime of the product” which is defined as 5 years from the date of purchase. “Tech Support” is defined as providing general guidance and answering technical questions about the system but does not include additional warranty support or labor beyond the initial one year limited warranty period.

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