About Us

PC Gamerz is Hawaii's Largest gaming center located in The Aiea Town Square. PC Gamerz has been around for 18 years, providing high-quality entertainment for the lowest prices. We offer the best gaming experience with a Gigabit network for the best latency in a LAN (Local Area Network). We also offer lower pings than most home users, with our higher speed Hawaiian Telcom 50/10 DSL internet for our gaming computers, and Spectrum 940m/35m for our Internet traffic. With our setup, you never have to worry about the person next to you watching videos on YouTube while you play games.

Due to Covid-19, the company had to look in a new direction to generate revenue as most gamers were stuck at home. We decided to expand the custom building part of the store and since then, it has expanded exponentially. Currently PCGZ has the highest amount of staff working around the clock to make your computer purchase as easy as possible. Since expanding the computer building to a warehouse located a few minutes away, this brings back the opportunity to have gaming events and more computers at the Aiea retail store. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Team!