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Alright so i talked to a few people in the community. and everyone seemed to like the idea of using PC Gamerz as venue for tournaments and casuals.

This is how it will work for Any form of Melee, Project M, Smash 4, SSFIV marvel. Basically all fighting games that have small community’s on the Island.

Saturday night is the SSFIV/Marvel FGC night 8 pm – 4 am

Any other day can be for Melee/Project M
And any other day can be for Smash 4 Wii U

We will be working on getting some Wii U’s for Smash 4
and for the games on the Wii, we will work on getting some of the HDMI adapters so the players can just bring in the console and not the 20 pound TV.

We currently have 3-4 x360 systems for SSFIV, players can bring PS3 or more x360 if they like.
I would like to have 2 Wii U systems for smash 4, players can bring more.
Wii would need to be brought by players to do the casuals or other events.

As long as their is 6+ people the house fee is $5 per person for an 8 hour time period.
If the age of the group is 21+ we can run BYOB casuals sessions for a $10 house fee per person. 6+ required as well.

If their is under the required number of players. Normal time must be used and as long as 2 people are logged in then rotating is allowed.

Supporting the venue is Highly suggested, by purchasing any snacks and drinks from PCG.

For actual meal food, we suggest Queen street cafe. But we are not going to force you to eat their. There are many other places around our store you can get food from.

If we have normal paying customers coming in to play on the Xbox ones, we will figure out how to deal with those situations as they arise. But lately their has not been a lot of people playing on them.

If people want to run money matches, that is completely up to those players. We can run tournaments in conjunction with players. if set up ahead of time.

Leave Any DRAMA at the door, we don’t want to deal with it. And nobody else does. PC Gamerz is a place to socialize and forget about the day to day BS that we all have in Life. So please respect that. And other people.

let me know of any questions.

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