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PC Gamerz is a great place to host birthday parties, Minecraft Parties, special events, social or holiday gatherings, tournaments and LAN parties, as well as educational events.


Prepaid parties are facility rentals. PC Gamerz will be closed to normal business for the duration of the party.
If you would like to come in for a small group, Normal business hours is suggested, purchasing normal time.

Please give us 2+ weeks notice for a party, by emailing Devin@pcgamerzhawaii.com
PC Gamerz Aiea has 52 computers, 5 Wii U stations, 3 Xbox One stations  & 1 PS4 Station

Tax is NOT included in Price

Standard Parties with League of Legends, Overwatch, Smash Wii U, CSGO, Dota 2, Smite.

  • 3 Hour Party
    • 10-24 Guests $300
    • 25-60+ Guests $450
    • Time periods available
      •  10am-1pm
      • 11am-2pm
      • 12pm-3pm
  • 5 Hour Party
    • 10-24 Guests $450 ($50 Discount)
    • 25-60+ Guests $650  ($100 Discount)
    • Time periods available
      •  10am-3pm
      • 11am-4pm
      • 12pm-5pm


Minecraft Parties up to 60 Players

Minecraft Parties require more staff and time to prepare for the different series.
Minecraft is an excellent tool for teaching all ages of players.

  • Minecraft Builder Series
    • Learn the Basics
    • Play Custom Worlds
    • Build & Play with Friends in a Massive Open World
    • 3 Hours: $450 | 5 Hours: $650
  • Minecraft Player Vs Player Series
    • Compete against friends
    • Custom Player vs Player maps, like Hunger Games
    • Competitive & Sportsmanship
    • 3 Hours: $550 | 5 Hours: $750
  • Minecraft Redstone Challenge Series
    • Learn Problem Solving
    • Electrical circuits
    • Engineering Applications
    • Advanced Puzzle Challenges
    • 5 Hour Party: $900
  • Minecraft LOCK IN (ALL The Series)
    • Minecraft Builder Series
    • Minecraft PvP Series
    • Minecraft Redstone Series
    • 8 Hour Party: $1200

PC Gamerz Hawaii, sells a variety of drinks and snacks, as well as frozen foods.
Party organizer is allowed to bring in outside Food (Pizza, Home made food, other catering/takeout) and Juice (apple, orange) for the party.
We ask that all other drinks are purchased from PC Gamerz Hawaii

A 50% deposit is required at the time of party agreement.
Booked a party before? Get a $50 discount on the next one.
Referr a friend for a party? Get $100 discount on next Minecraft party.